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Are you looking for a novel fundraising activity?

If you are looking for a fundraising opportunity that provides real benefit, then have you considered offering a first aid awareness session?

Chain of SurvivalWithout early intervention in an emergency situation, the outcome for the patient can often be poor. It is well documented that in a cardiac arrest situation, for every minute that CPR is delayed that the patients chance of survival decreases by 10%. All too often bystanders are afraid to offer their assistance in case they do something wrong. Although the benefit of undertaking a full first aid cannot be understated, having the opportunity to participate in an awareness session may increase a persons confidence to assist which really can make the difference between life and death.

Heart Training are please to assist in providing a unique fund raising opportunity while helping to improve awareness of immediate life-saving practices. We can offer awareness training for upto 20 people over a two hour period (evening or weekend) in basic emergency aid. It is suggested that you ask participants for a donation of £10 per person, and with a charge of only £50 payable to Heart Training (to cover cost of using training manikins) this means a great contribution of upto £150 to your charity or community group for minimal work!

If you would like to discuss this opportunity further, please contact us using the Contact Us form.